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Introducing Intellitemp Doors™, an infrared human temperature detection door. Through infrared non-contact temperature detection, it can achieve accurate matching of personnel and temperature to establish the first line of defense.


When passing the Intellitemp Doors™ temperature measurement is performed first, and if necessary the alarm is sounded.

It can be used in schools, hospitals, enterprises, ports, passenger stations, exhibition halls, conference centers and other important places.

★ Non-contact temperature detection: Body Temperature is measured of each person passing through doorway.   

★ Adjustable settings: Fully adjustable sensor allows for all body heights to be measured

★ Body Temperature/Metal Detection: Fully adjustable sensors allow for all persons to be measured: Temperature and Metal detection co-exist and can operate together or independently 

★ Large-screen technology: 7-inch LCD screen, easy to operate

★ Multi-zone technology: 18 detection zones and sensitivity levels adjust easily with adaptive adjustment technology.

★ Alarm function: Alarm, light and sound adjustable

★ Human safety: Harmless to pregnant woman, magnetic media and individuals with cardiac pacemakers

★ Detect objects: Detect magnetic, non-magnetic and alloy metals

★ Password operation:  High Security. Password protection allows only authorized personnel to operate

★ Statistics of alarm data: Intelligent passenger flow and alarm counter.

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