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The VirusDoc™ air purification series has been created to purify the air you breath along with inactivating harmful viruses, molds and bacteria! Using Needlepoint BiPolar Ionization technology, It is essential in any setting. This innovative technology ensures the best air quality for you!




The VirusDoc™ air purification series has been created to purify the air you breath & is compatible in any setting. Using needlepoint bi-polar ionization technology is essential to ensure the best air quality for you!

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Air Purification Systems


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The purpose of the VirusDoc™ is to produce, and implement air purification systems utilizing the most revolutionary needlepoint bipolar ionization technology (now developed) for today. Our concepts, both in compact and versatile offerings will inactivate “and kill” a vast variety of pathogens on a molecular level. Our mission is to impact all facets of workplace environments at every level, as well as penetrating our communities with this incredible development. We are “envisioneering” air purification to a completely new dimension in these crucial and serious times.

The VirusDoc™ draws in airborne viruses, bacteria, and harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) that contaminate the air you breathe. Our state of the art needlepoint bipolar ionization technology uses existing water vapor in the air producing a surplus of powerful, electrically charged ION’s. These ION’s react rapidly with airborne viruses, bacteria, fine particulates species and dangerous VOC’s. Once interaction occurs, harmful pathogens, fine particulate, and dangerous VOC’s are inactivated thus rendering them harmless to humans. Then, these pathogens/particles will be drawn into our dual Merv>13 filter intake system, providing continues air purification. 

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